Finding Family

Elma (Fairman) Ledger

My maternal grandmother Elma Etta Fairman

Last year I was looking through some old pictures. I am very lucky in that most of the pictures my grandmother Elma left are in an album and many of the names are written below the pictures so I have at least a clue as to who is in the picture.  Only problem is that grandma died in 1933 and any pictures she didn’t place in the album have no identification on them.  My mom saved lots of pictures but wasn’t the best at writing on the older ones and sometimes I come across names that I don’t recognize.  Since mom did not stay in contact with her mother’s side of the family much – in fact hardly at all because I never met ANY of them while I was growing up – I am pretty clueless as to what happened to them all.





dennisSo I come across this adorable picture of a little boy on a horse.  His last name is Fairman so I know he is somehow related but how?  My curiosity got me all stirred up and thanks to and Facebook and some detective work on my part, I discovered the long lost children of my mom’s Uncle Fred!




Fred Fairman

Fred Fairman

This is a whole branch of the family I always wondered about.  Mom had only told me that she had an Uncle Fred -she didn’t know what happened to him but she knew that he had a lot of children – that’s it….I asked her once, don’t you wonder where they are…I don’t think she answered me.. mom was funny about family, she seemed to not want to think about her childhood or stay in touch with either side, but that is another story for another blog post someday.


I was lucky enough to be able to meet with Uncle Fred’s surviving children last January – we had a wonderful lunch and I felt so loved and accepted….They are such sweet people and I look forward to meeting up with them again next time I am down in Southern CA.

My new found Fairman Family

My new found Fairman Family


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