About me

I love family history, I love solving mysteries, I also love to move, physically move.  I can’t tell you how many places I have lived. I don’t know why that is either – just always have liked it.  I have lived in California, Nebraska and Colorado.  I keep leaving California but then I keep coming back!  We were living in Colorado when my granddaughter was born and that is all it took for me to decide to come back to CA.  It took me awhile to convince Michael but finally in 2012 we returned to CA.  I love being close to her.  I have always felt such a connection to my family and their history and for about 25 years I have been working on learning about people I never met but who shape who I am today.

In 2015 I did the Ancestry DNA test and that led me to discover that I wasn’t who I thought I was and it was the beginning of this blog.

My wonderful Granddaughter
My wonderful Granddaughter
Me and my husband Michael
Me and my husband Michael

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