Judy and Guy approx 1961

Guy and I about 1961

Today is August 17, it is the day I should be calling my nephew Guy and wishing him a happy birthday and then making some goofy wisecracks about our ages – we were only about 4 years apart. But Guy is gone, he died in 2010. We were always close as kids, I think it was because he was so wimpy and sweet and easy to get along with, where I was demanding, domineering and oh so hard to like. He would do my bidding and I would cut him some slack when it came time for my temper – we always did get along like that.

As we grew older and I had my oldest son, Guy was my go-to babysitter. While I was out partying the 1970’s away, Guy was taking care of my son and forming a very close bond with him that was more like a brother relationship than a cousin one. When Guy died of a stroke at age 52 my poor son was more devastated than I could imagine.

Guy’s last years were not easy for him….he had divorced, lived with his mom (my sister) and had been forcefully retired by the telephone company – financially it was very hard on him. He had gained alot of weight and wasn’t making wise choices with his health – he seemed to be terrified of doctors – he was in Las Vegas with his girlfriend when he had a massive stroke – he never regained consciousness and within a month he was gone. I think of him so often, and especially today – I want to call him and sing to him in my horrible voice and crack some jokes!

Don Guy and David Christmas 2000

3 brothers – Guy is in the middle

           Happy birthday Guyo, I love you.

Guy the cowboy

Guy the cowboy

6 thoughts on “Guy


    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!

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  2. Judy,

    I want to let you know that your blog is listed in today’s Fab Finds post at

    Have a great weekend!

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  3. Judy, sadly I recognize the Guy in my life from the same description. No matter how they lived and how awful their choices, they were loved. In the end, you hope they knew it all along. Hugs.

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  4. Hello there Judy,

    I came upon this post via Betsey’s site where she wrote about the loss of her brother Chris and there certainly seem to be some parallels between your respective positions. My sympathies on your loss of a relative you obviously loved dearly.


    • Thank you Fergy. Guy was who made much of my childhood happy. I am still angry at his lack of care for himself. He had 2 young adult children when he passed and now he has 4 almost 5 grandchildren that he has missed out on. He would have been so proud of the people his children grew to be.

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