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Knut and Maria Lovisa Taken in Sweden in 1896 right before their marriage

So…I did my DNA testing with Ancestry.com and then I did it with 23andme – the ethnicity came out about the same on both. But the weird thing is that I don’t seem to match up as cousins to my dad’s great nieces and nephew. Ancestry has this really cool feature where they go through their DNA database and match you up with people who share some part of DNA with you….they predict the relationship, although it is not an exact science and I sure do not quite understand it all.

I had asked my cousins on dad’s side if they would test and they did and we don’t seem to have any shared DNA, which leads me back to Dad and wondering why I don’t share any DNA with his side of the family. Ancestry very neatly matched me up with known cousins on my mom’s side – her family has a long long history in the U.S. so that was pretty easy. But nobody seems to come up on my dad’s side. I get cousin matches to people that I cannot figure out how we are related…and these are 2nd to 3rd cousins so they are pretty close – like we should share great grandparents but I can’t find it.

So I put my question about all this on the Ancestry.com forum and I got some wonderful responses and some things to think about. I really need to get my sister tested to see if we come up as full siblings or half siblings which would solve the paternal parentage question. Also, if we do match up as full siblings then I need to look into the fact that perhaps my dad was adopted, or his dad or his mom or???? Since his parents are from Sweden and are recent immigrants as far as genealogy is concerned it will be hard to try and trace all this down…and I may never know.

The mystery continues… and my search for answers, especially; why I am related to people in and from Alabama!!!