Gun shy

I titled this post “gun shy” because that is what I was feeling at maybe, just maybe, discovering who my father really was.  I had such a sad/bad experience with my first suspected 1/2 brother that I didn’t want to make that mistake again, no way, no how.

My family and I went off to a camping trip in the Sacramento delta area – thank goodness we had cell phone signal, or my anxiety level might have gone through the roof!  I knew Sonya was going to contact my maybe 1/2 brothers and try and make a connection in a very general way – she wanted to protect me from being hurt again and she was very involved in my “mystery” – she is a great cousin!

I didn’t expect to hear anything from her that weekend. What I didn’t know is that she was able to contact the youngest brother first, Scott. Continue Reading


Maybe cousins


Knut and Maria Lovisa Taken in Sweden in 1896 right before their marriage

So…I did my DNA testing with and then I did it with 23andme – the ethnicity came out about the same on both. But the weird thing is that I don’t seem to match up as cousins to my dad’s great nieces and nephew. Ancestry has this really cool feature where they go through their DNA database and match you up with people who share some part of DNA with you….they predict the relationship, although it is not an exact science and I sure do not quite understand it all.

I had asked my cousins on dad’s side if they would test and they did and we don’t seem to have any shared DNA, which leads me back to Dad and wondering why I don’t share any DNA with his side of the family. Continue Reading