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Judy and Guy approx 1961

Guy and I about 1961

Today is August 17, it is the day I should be calling my nephew Guy and wishing him a happy birthday and then making some goofy wisecracks about our ages – we were only about 4 years apart. But Guy is gone, he died in 2010. We were always close as kids, I think it was because he was so wimpy and sweet and easy to get along with, where I was demanding, domineering and oh so hard to like. He would do my bidding and I would cut him some slack when it came time for my temper – we always did get along like that.

As we grew older and I had my oldest son, Guy was my go-to babysitter. While I was out partying the 1970’s away, Guy was taking care of my son and forming a very close bond with him that was more like a brother relationship than a cousin one. When Guy died of a stroke at age 52 my poor son was more devastated than I could imagine.

Guy’s last years were not easy for him….he had divorced, lived with his mom (my sister) and had been forcefully retired by the telephone company – financially it was very hard on him. He had gained alot of weight and wasn’t making wise choices with his health – he seemed to be terrified of doctors – he was in Las Vegas with his girlfriend when he had a massive stroke – he never regained consciousness and within a month he was gone. I think of him so often, and especially today – I want to call him and sing to him in my horrible voice and crack some jokes!

Don Guy and David Christmas 2000

3 brothers – Guy is in the middle

           Happy birthday Guyo, I love you.

Guy the cowboy

Guy the cowboy