My Diary – July 20, 1975

A lot has happened in a week!

On Monday Frank got rude to me again so I told him off (after I wrote the last entry Frank came over and tried to apologize, he even said he was sorry, but it just didn’t help much. He kissed me and said he would be back later but of course didn’t come.) He was here when I got home, working on the dune buggy and we were talking a little. He got rude and I told him to get all of his shit out of my garage and take the dune buggy and cram it, so he did! I said I didn’t want to see him anymore, so for a week I didn’t hear from him, then today he calls me and wants his speakers back. He was nice on the phone but I told him he didn’t care and he made another rude remark so I hung up. I am so tired of his rude remarks that I could shit! Well he might come over tonight to try to get the speakers so I will see what happens. He called here last night when I was out with Dave and asked Guy if I was out with “that bearded fuck” meaning Mike. What an ass! He called my mom today and she thought he was Mike! What a chop! It has been so peaceful this last week without him, I am so tired of his shit. I need to be away from him.

I am not going to see Mike any more, his dope problem is one reason but I guess I feel he is too short and I hate beards. I know those are dumb reasons, we also have a personality clash. I guess that is most of all our problem. He is mad at me cause I broke our date Saturday but I wanted to be with Dave.

Dave and I went to Pinnacle Pete’s for dinner, it was so good! Steak! Then we went to see “Tommy” the movie. I really liked the movie, Dave didn’t. We made love before we left, I felt so good! He let me go down on him but he wiggled so much it was hard. When we got home he was tired that he didn’t want to made love, dud! But I understood because he had been working on his boat all day. I spent the night but I couldn’t sleep for shit! I can never sleep in a strange bed. We got up at 8:00 and we took a shower together, it was nice! Then we made love and he held a little stiller for me, it was nice! I came home and Dave and Johnny and I were supposed to have a bar-b-que together at Dave’s brothers house. But he called me as soon as I got home and his brother had called it off. Oh well, Johnny and I went to Guy’s ball game and visited with the family. Then of course Frank called and upset my day. I should be used to it by now!

My dad was in the hospital for a couple of days and they think he has shingles and stomach trouble. He is home now, I went to see him and he looks not too good. I was sick for 2 days. I missed 1 1/2 days of work. That won’t help my paycheck any. Boy was I sick!

I really liked the movie Tommy. It is still going through my mind.

Well, goodnight, I hope this will be a good week.

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me – words from “Tommy”

Today’s reflection: I was so superficial in those days that I let Mike’s height (just as tall as me, which was about 5’6″) and his beard (which I hated) sway my feelings for him. I must admit he smoked a lot of Marijuana and I did not like. Not that I didn’t do it sometimes, but I was not a big fan. I would get a boyfriend, dive in head first, and then get tired of them….I think Frank was the longest boyfriend I had had up until that time unless you count my first husband, but even then I think Frank and I passed that. I was pretty much Shallow Hal, if you have seen the movie, only the female version.

My poor dad suffered from one sort of health issue or another but that was because he drank so much alcohol his body was just kinda shot. Although he lived to be almost 80, he was never healthy. I can remember being a kid and when he would get up in the morning, before work, he would mix up baking soda and water and drink it to settle his stomach. He never did eat much either, tender tummy most of the time.

I sure did love that music from Tommy at that time, I do remember that.


My diary – July 13, 1975

I got the truck. My credit wasn’t even approved yet and I got it. They might take it away from me but that’s life. It won’t break my heart cause I already got a speeding ticket in it today at the beach. Ah, such is life.

Friday at work Frank called and asked me to go to Big Bear with him and his family and I really thought he was going to act nice then he said “there’s not enough room for Johnny”. That pissed me off so much that I hung up on him. He called back and said “don’t ever hang up on me again” So I said loudly “I will hang up on you whenever I want to” and I did again! He called back and said “I hope everyone heard you” and I proceeded to tell him off but before I get 10 words out he hung up on me! He is such as ass that he had to have the last word! I was so pissed I was shaking!

On to pleasanter things! My date with Dave was fantastic. I went over his house at 7:30 and he was in the shower and came out with a towel wrapped around his waist and boy what a body! He is a fox! Well, he kissed me and wow can he kiss! I thought I would melt. He got dressed (what self control!) and then we kept messing around, he kept saying “let’s go eat” and then he would start kissing me again! I finally had to jump up and walk away. He is so sexy. He asked me not to wear a bra, which is more comfortable anyway and so we went to Bahooka. It was so nice. We talked and laughed. We had a flaming drink for two. Delicious! and had a good ribs dinner. By the time we left it was 11:30. We then went to his place and promptly made love. He is so huge and thick. God it was beautiful! I wanted to take him in my mouth but he wouldn’t let me because he had already been inside of me and said he wasn’t clean enough! We made love 2 times and were kissing and hugging the rest of the time. He is really a beautiful person, so sweet and affectionate. I finally left at 2:30. Wow!

Diane called me before I left for my date with Dave. She is finally home. We are ready to party! but she is kind of heavy so it won’t be as easy! I am just glad she is home! I had such a beautiful time with Dave I keep thinking about it!

Well, goodnight and sweet dreams!

Today’s thoughts: First of all I am amazed at how I loved exclamation marks. I really loved them then, I still do, but didn’t realize how much I did then too.

Damn truck! I remember getting that ticket down by Huntington Beach. The cop told me it was a nice truck, but he still gave me the ticket, jerk.

Fighting with Frank seemed to be a daily occurrence back then, I wonder now why we even bothered? We both just couldn’t let go.

I remember that date with Dave, barely, but after reading this entry I remembered it was that wonderful kind of date where you hit it off and you are all happy and giddy. I really didn’t want to put the sexual stuff in this transcription but, again, I promised to put it all down so there you go. I did not remember the part about his size. I was in lust! See, there is the exclamation mark again. The pill gave us girls in the 1970’s major sexual freedom. I took it religiously, I did not want to have any more babies, my little Johnny was enough. But you have to remember there were no diseases that couldn’t be cured by penicillin back then so we didn’t worry too much about unprotected sex as long as we were taking the pill.

I feel bad about the heavy remark regarding my friend Diana but it is what it is. She and I have battled our weight for all of our lives, she just seemed to have a harder time of it when we were younger.

Don’t call me Etta!!

Etta Louise Ledger 1916 – 2004

There are so many words I can use to describe my mom, beautiful/vain/loving/selfish/preoccupied/drunk/flirt/man hater/man lover/inappropriate. Oh, there are so many more but I will stop there.

A little background on Etta – by the way, never call her that! She went by Louise, she did not like her first name and didn’t even use it as a middle name. If you wanted to piss her off just say “Hey Etta” needless to say I did that once or twice! She was born March 10, 1916 to my gay grandma Elma Etta Fairman and a tubercular young man named Leonard Ledger that grandma married in 1913. Now, I don’t know if grandma knew she was gay when she married Leonard, but after he died of that horrible disease in 1918 and she began a relationship with her friend Amy Hoag it became pretty obvious. Of course in the 1920’s nobody spoke of being gay, or homosexual.

Leonard Ledger and Elma Etta Fairman Marriage April 8, 1913

My grandmother was a bookbinder and Leonard worked in the printing business so I think that is how they met. Of course my mom didn’t remember her father, as he died when she was 2, but she did tell me a couple of things her mother shared with her. 1. He was mean. He pushed her down stairs once and caused her to lose a baby. 2. He was a racist. He was born in Louisiana and came to the Los Angeles area with his family somewhere around 1910 – he had told my grandma that he didn’t like black people and if they were walking on the same side of the street as he was he would cross the street. 3. He got angry that my grandmother had gained weight while pregnant with my mom and didn’t lose it right away. Already I don’t like the guy. It is interesting that when he died in 1918, no one in his family attended his funeral, only my grandma’s family. And no one put a headstone on his grave. He is buried in Hollywood Forever cemetery and I went there once and found where he was buried, no headstone. More about my grandfather in this post here.

My grandma Elma Fairman Ledger and her partner Amy Hoag

So, my mom was now 2 years old in 1918 and my grandmother was widowed and she had to work. From what I can tell from about 1918 to 1921 my grandmother Elma moved in with her mother Elllen Fairman and that is who watched my mom. My great grandmother Ellen was separated and not living with great grandpa Charles (history of his mental illness will be another post) but then great grandma died in Sept. 29, 1921.

My great grandmother Ellen Fairman and my mother Etta Louise Ledger about 1919

So according to my mom, and backed up by pictures and some existing records,on Sept. 4th, 1921 my mother was put in the Boys and Girls Children’s Aid Society in Pasadena.

Etta Louise Ledger 1922 at Boys and Girls Children’s aid Society Orphanage.

Grandma paid for my mom’s board there (20% of her $72.00 a month salary) and I am sure my mom went home as much as grandma could arrange – I have many pictures of Elma, my mom Louise, and Amy Hoag on outings during the 1920’s. Mom only told me one orphanage story, I think it was a traumatic time for her as she never spoke of it. One time she and other children got lice in their hair and the staff poured gasoline on the kids heads to get rid of it. I can only imagine how horrible that must have been for a little girl.

Louise Ledger (not using Etta any longer) in about 1927

By about 1928 when mom was 12 she got to move back in with her mother as grandma Elma felt that mom could take care of herself while grandma worked. This is where my mom would get a bit odd when talking of those days, you see, she lived with her mother Elma and her mother’s girlfriend Amy. I definitely feel that mom was uncomfortable but had no choice. Or maybe just didn’t want me to know. I speak of one incident that occurred during this time in a previous post here. Mom also told me that she would spend some time in the summers with some of her father’s family. She did not speak of them much, and did not stay in contact with them, but did tell me that one of her uncles offered her a quarter if she would let him “touch” her. She told me that story more than once, I know it affected her greatly.

My grandma Elma and my mom in 1932, Last picture I have of them together.

Mom meets my dad in 1932 or 33 while they are still in high school – well, he is my birth certificate father, not biological, but I didn’t know that until 2015. Elma died in late 1933 while my mom was living as a nanny with a family.

Dexter and Louise Halldin about 1938

Mom got pregnant the same month her mother died. She and dad, Dexter, get married in March 1934 and my brother Dexter was born on July 4th, 1934. Mom was 18 and dad was 19. For years and years my parents pretended that they got married in 1933 just so my brother would not know the circumstances of his birth – when he found out I am told he was PISSED. He was my brother and I loved him but I find it ironic that he was even surprised. They move in with my dad’s parents, Swedish immigrants, in their boarding house on Magnolia Street in Los Angeles. They called it the Big House. It was very big, 3 floors, lots of rooms.

The Big house! on Magnolia Ave in Los Angeles

Grandma was not happy with my mother, called her names according to mom and did not want my dad to marry her – but they did – I mean, it was 1934! In 1936 my sister came along and by 1940 my grandmother had enough and told my folks they needed their own house and I am sure she helped them but they also saved. Mom even worked as an elevator operator in the May Company department store downtown. She told me that she had to lie and say she wasn’t married in order to get the job, in those days married women couldn’t work certain jobs – I guess elevator operator was one of them.

The home that Dexter and Louise built in 1941

In 1941 they built their own home on Westside Drive in East Los Angeles. 3 bedrooms with a garage, right across the street from gigantic electrical towers, and just down the road from railroad tracks. I am sure that my dad chose the lot because it was cheaper because of those drawbacks. My dad was so tight with a buck! I grew up playing in the fields of those power lines, right under them, I could hear them crackle, I could sometimes feel an electrical pulse from them….Hey, it was the 50’s, what did we know???

Here is where we come to a very important part of Louise’s story. I wasn’t born yet, but my sister tells me (and my brother did too) of both my parents drinking, partying, flirting, hangovers, arguments, you get the drift. The whole Halldin family drank, my dad was an alcoholic and so were his 2 brothers, that was no secret, but my mom drank to silence her demons. I didn’t know how bad it was until much later – but all of the drinking makes sense when I look back on it. Also my mother’s need for male approval. She was the lady who flirted with all the men and was very inappropriate around them. Was that because she had no male figure in her life growing up, or at least not a father figure? I don’t know, I am no psychologist. But I know she was an episodic drunk, not drinking every day, but when she did she was in it to win it. She would not stop until she passed out!

January 27, 1945 – at the Cricket Club in L.A. My mom and dad in the middle.

I was born in 1953, my sister got married the following month, my brother was in the Marine Corps. According to my sister, my mother had some abortions between her and me, we are 17 years apart. Why did she keep me? I always wondered until I did my DNA test in 2015 and discovered that I was another man’s child – but that is covered in my beginning posts on this blog so if you are interested, you can click here. And I am pretty sure that alcohol payed a big factor in her life decisions.

Mom in bottom row, bio dad top row 2nd from right (Bob , dad that raised me (Dexter) top row 2nd from left

Mom drank sometimes during the day, sometimes at night, almost always on the weekends. She and dad had friends that would come over or we would go to their houses and they drank, sometimes they played cards and I would be left to my own. Sometimes there were other kids so at least I had someone to play with but sometimes not.

Party bus to Las Vegas early 1960’s

When I was in junior high my mother and father began fighting almost every night. My father was a daily drinker, he would go to work (owned a plating business with partners and they kept it going when he would go on a bender some days). He would go to a bar, he had many he liked, and he would drink after work and mom would call the bars and look for him and tell him to come home. I never understood that logic. He was in the bar because he didn’t want to come home, duh! My mom was drinking quite a bit, I found vodka bottles stashed around the house and would pour them out if I found them, which really pissed her off. I was so unhappy and started acting out at school. The vice principal called me in and asked me why I was behaving so disrespectfully to the teachers, especially my English teacher. I started to tell her that things at home were bad, parents fighting and instead of listening she told me to stop, it wasn’t her business and to go back to class. No sympathetic school counselors in those days! She called my mom into the school, she told her they had to stop fighting in front of me or when I could hear them and that was it. I heard mom telling dad they had to stop fighting because of the school calling her in. He pretty much didn’t care, it was her that started the fights anyway. But she continued to drink for many years – until sometime in the 1970’s she joined AA. She told me she scared herself as she almost fell in the pool or something while drunk. If she said that, then the truth was much worse I am sure!

This is my mother in 1968, in our room in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii – sitting on the lap of a man she barely knew. Cigarette in one hand, drink in the other.

A bad thing about AA is that mom no longer had alcohol to deaden the demons, to keep them at bay. So after a couple of years of not drinking, she tried to commit suicide. She would be committed, come home and awhile later, tried again. During the late 70’s and late 80’s I can’t tell you how many times she broke down and we would have an emergency with her. Once she started seeing bugs and ran out into a busy street. The cops picked her up and I had to go identify her at the police station, then they hospitalized her…it was rough. After that she pretty much stayed hospitalized. I believe the demons were winning. She did counseling, she did whatever prescription they gave her, but it didn’t seem to help. She lived to be 87, almost 88 and she was in a nursing home for her last 15 years of her life. Her health suffered, she had a colostomy and she refused to walk after that. She developed leukemia and after treating it for so long with blood transfusions it was just time to let her go.

My dad, mom and I in 1989. Taken at the nursing home she lived in through most of the 1990’s

It was so hard to have a mom that was tortured. It made our lives so chaotic. Time marches on no matter what though. She lost my dad while she was in the nursing home in 1995, my brother in 2002. She died in 2004. I moved to Colorado when she died, I just couldn’t take it around my family any more. We were all dysfunctional because of our crazy upbringing. My brother was an alcoholic and died because of it. My sister lived so many lies all through her life, still does. I used sex as my relief, I was afraid of booze and drugs. My sister married 4 times, I married 3 times. But actually I feel like we were lucky compared to some families. Our father was able to keep his business until his partners wanted to sell and he had a good retirement and investments. He never understood that Mom had to stay in the hospital/nursing home or she would hurt herself or maybe even him. He went to visit her almost every day until he died. Years of therapy didn’t help. I feel like my mom ceased to exist in the late 80’s and never really came back. The fact I was another man’s daughter may have been why she kept me, why she let me do as I pleased, why my father was not engaged with me or my life at all. Then again, I don’t even know if they knew for sure. I am the result of an affair mom had with an unmarried younger man. Were they in love? Was it just sex? Hell, who knows.

My mom and I in 1954

So after all of this analyzing and going over my mother’s life what are my conclusions? I honestly don’t have any. I do think my grandmother had a screwed up life, which affected my mother and screwed up her life which in turn screwed up my life and I have probably screwed up my kids lives. But in all of this there was one constant: love. Grandma loved my mom, my mom loved me and I love my kids. I try to remember it was different times my ancestors grew up in, and their decisions were affected by the era they lived in. Etta Louise Ledger tried, but her demons were so strong. I hope she was able to lose them wherever she may be.

Mom and I one month before she passed away

My diary – July 10, 1975

In one month I will be 22 – Wow!

David at work has been calling me every night. He is so cute. We are going out Saturday to the Bahoka and then ? I am really looking forward to it and he said he is too.

I went to Atlantic Datsun today and tried to buy a used pick-up. I found one I want. I kind of lid about my credit so I don’t know if I will get it or not. I kind of hope that I won’t cause it will cost me $79.00 a month in payments. That’s alot! Well, I really like the truck but $79.00 is alot especially when I am just surviving now!

Oh well, I will know at 11 a.m. tomorrow. Mike came over last night and when I told him that I was going out on Saturday night he got kind of mad. Then he said “I just wonder where we are going” and that is a very heavy statement for him to make.

I called Frank last night and told him off. I said I didn’t want to see him any more and not to call me. I think he drove by last night. I wonder if he even cares. I just can’t live with the fact that he is such an ass and that I have to kiss his ass all of the time. So, we will see what happens.

I was so horny at work yesterday that I thought I would die. I was even looking at Bruce! He is cute but not my type!

Well, I hope I don’t get the truck, Goodnight!

My thoughts on today’s post:

In the first paragraph I mention the Bahooka, where David and I were going on a date. That place was very popular in the 70’s, it was a Polynesian style decor restaurant that had very private tables, no open seating, and it felt like you were in the jungle, lots of greenery and bamboo walls. I remember they served drinks in huge shells,and they were flaming when they brought them. You could share them with long straws and they put them in the middle of the table. And all the drinks were very sweet and colored. I remember a blue one…oh it was so good!

I smile when I think of the truck I tried to buy and worrying about the $79.00 payment. Today that would be so inexpensive but I was a single mom, I was working full time but not making much. I also no child support, so I got a check from the state. I choose not to get food stamps because I felt I would be too embarrassed at the grocery store. Those were the days when you actually got stamps and had to give them to the checker, and there was a sort of stigma towards welfare at that time.

I do think this is when Frank and I pretty much started ending our relationship. I know in my diary I blame it all on him, but I was so flighty. I kept sleeping with him yet was always looking for a better man, or what I thought was a better man. Frank turned out to be a good man and he tells me I did lots of shit to him and I know cheating on him was the ultimate cruelty. I didn’t know then that I was the result of cheating or maybe I would have lived my life differently. I am not saying we would have made a good couple in the long run, especially now as he is very far right and I am pretty left. But I did not treat him well and vice versa.

I am embarrassed about the horny comment, but I decided to put everything in my diary so that had to be transcribed. I think Bruce was a co-worker who was very fun, we used to play Yahtzee at lunch and had a lot of laughs but he was married, with children, and so not my type. I was a highly sexual creature in my younger days – what can I say?

My diary – July 8, 1975

My son John at his first fishing trip. The man at right is the David I talk about at the bottom of today’s post.

Well, Frank was really mean to me when I came home from this weekend. On my last pages I wanted him to love me so much and miss me, well he had a ball when I was gone, he is already really getting along good with the airline stewardess. Bitch!

He came over this morning and tried to say he was sorry in his own pricky way. Oh well, I told him I won’t kiss his ass any more and I won’t. (so I always say).

Had a great time at the river. Mike and I got along really good. I was on my period so no great sex. But enough. It was 120 degrees and hot! but the water was beautiful and warm. We didn’t get home till 11 p.m. Sunday and Frank called at 1 a.m. and just yelled at me and called me names. He was really flipped out.

Diana wrote me and said they are on their way home now, alright!

David at work told me yesterday that he has epilepsy, but hasn’t had an attack in 1 year. He is so cute and today I asked him out, he was scared to.

Well, I am tired, Goodnight.

My thoughts on today’s entry: I remember the weekend I am writing about, it was the weekend of July 4th and Mike took me to the Colorado river where lots of Los Angeles people would go. I remember watching fireworks exploding over the river and it was so pretty.

Diana was a friend of mine from school and we stayed close after graduation. Her husband at the time was in the Coast Guard and they had been stationed at Norfolk, Virginia and I missed her. I was happy she was coming home, but in the long run her coming home had a profound impact on my life. That will become more apparent later in the diary entries.

And of course the constant back and forth with Frank – why did I put up with all that and why did he? Even now we can’t really figure out why.

My diary – June 29, 1975

Today Johnny and I spent the whole day at Frank’s house. Frank was at work, but Kimmy (Frank’s niece) was having a birthday party so we went over and had dinner and cake and ice cream. It was a nice day. Frank called this morning and I had to take some steaks to his work for him and I met some of the guys. They are all so nice and the fella named Steve told me I was prettier than my picture. Frank is proud of me cause I am losing some weight and I am being nice to him. Last night we went out and had a nice time. He is pretty affectionate now (I wonder why?) When we came home we even made beautiful love. He was good! It is very rarely that Frank wants to be that way. But lately he has been pretty nice to me. At least nicer than he usually is.

Friday night Mike took me and Johnny to see Bambi. We went to eat at Perry Boys, it was good! We also stopped at some friends house of his and I saw another old high school crush of mine, his name is Jim. And boy is he good looking! When Mike and I got home we were talking and he was telling me that he feels that we aren’t getting along. I told him that Frank was still a big part of my life. I can’t tell him that I love Frank and if he wanted me back I would go in a minute. Well, I was sweet and I beat around the bush but I guess things are O.K. We made love and it was nice. But it’s not like with Frank. There is a fierceness in Frank that I love. Mike is too gentle sometimes. But I know he likes me a lot. I just wish I could feel more.

Frank doesn’t want me to go to the river with Mike this 4th of July weekend. He is starting to threaten me. But I can’t back out now, I must keep my promise. I hope Frank will miss me so much that he tells me he loves me when I get back (I feel as if he is close to saying it now) with my luck he will take some other broad somewhere and fall in love with her. I wish I didn’t love him so much, life would be so much easier. Oh well. When I was coming home from the birthday party I went by Mike’s home, he was out so I stopped. He was looking for me all day cause a bunch of people went to Knotts Berry Farm. Rats! Oh well, again.


My thoughts on today’s diary entry: My first thought is “poor Mike, I know he really liked me and I led him along” but we were in our early 20’s and who acts rationally and makes good choices at that age? I know it seems weird now that I depended on men to make me happy, but in those days it was expected. I never fully embraced the women’s movement, I agreed with it but could not seem to put it into practice. I had forgotten all of this back and forth between Mike and Frank. I did love Frank but….I always looked for something better so I guess that wasn’t really love at all. I also realized that weight has always been a problem for me and my self image was always bad if I was a few pounds overweight. I probably weighed about 130, wish I was that now!!!

My diary – June 26, 1975

Me and my son Johnny, Sept. 1975

This week has been another busy one. Monday Frank didn’t call or anything. He did come over at 8:00 p.m. but I wasn’t home.

Tuesday I went out with Mike to his sister and Dave’s house. Dave was home alone. All Mike and Dave did was get loaded on marijuana. Today we heard it was going to be legalized. Well we came home early and David (my nephew who spent the night) told me that Frank had called. I called him back and he said let’s go out for awhile. So at 11:00 p.m. he came over and we went cruising. We went to the Parasol and who was there but Jim Bass and his new girlfriend (I almost married him a few months ago) We went in and I asked Frank to please be lovey to me. It was weird. But Jim was nice to me. His new girlfriend is ugly and acts like a slut. Frank was really nice to me. He kissed me in front of Jim and everything and before we got there he just leaned over and kissed me for no reason. That is his way of saying “I love you”. He has a hard time showing his feelings. I love him. Then we went up in the hills and made love in the truck. It was nice, he was nice!

Then last night he called at my sisters house and wanted me to come over but he wanted me to get someone to watch Johnny! No! I said. So that killed that. We are going to go out Saturday. Mike is getting mad at me cause I haven’t been exactly sweet lately. But all that dope smoking is bothering me. I told him tonight when he called. Wow! Today Frank called me at work and I let him listen when I answered the phone and who should call but Mike! Wow, did I act fast! I cut Mike off and told Frank that “Hello Shortrun” (which is what Mike always says to me when he calls) was a code the salesmen use. I was scared if Frank knew it was Mike he would have hung up! Well, Frank called me 2 times at work today (once to tell me that he burnt his leg with hot grease) I went to the doctor today and I have to go to the hospital to take some x-rays of my kidneys.

Well, goodnight!

Todays thoughts: I sort of remember dating both Mike and Frank that summer….it was kind of hard to balance them both, I was never good at that. Mike did smoke a lot of marijuana. I laughed at the remark that we heard it was going to be legalized….obviously that didn’t happen in California until 2018 which was 43 years later! We were sure wrong on that one!!! I do not remember going to the hospital for x rays. I know I had some trouble with my back on and off for years, might have been that.