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Who’s my father????

I was gathering all the information I could on for matches to my new 2nd cousin, Bill.  With him being that close to me and seeing that Lee did not match me correctly with Bill being a 2nd cousin I had to figure out what was going on.  So I started with building a separate tree for Bill with all the information I could find on his family and then BOOM.  Not only did I find a common surname that linked him to Lee’s surname, but I saw on that Lee did the DNA test….without telling me!  I was looking at my DNA matches – yes, I impulsively do that every day!  And I see that Lee is there and matching me as a 4th-6th cousin probability.  That dirty dog….he did the DNA test that I had been begging him to do for months….which would have solved the problem, would have gotten me off his back and would have given me some peace of mind….sometimes I don’t get people one bit.  I shot off a message to him on Ancestry really quick and told him the good news that we were not brother and sister.  It was quite a relief, honestly, because the guy was kind of a jerk.  Then when he didn’t answer me, I emailed him and let him know, in pretty nice terms considering how unhappy I was with him, that his testing helped and it would have been nice if he would have just told me. He answered and in his answer he wondered how I knew he tested….what a dork…he didn’t even bother to find out how the testing works and how the results are shown.  Then he welcomes me to the family….seriously?

Oh well, I figured it was just a matter of time and I could figure this all out.  I didn’t feel like it then, but it sounded better than – oh crap, what now???  In my digging into Bill’s family tree I found a family that had also moved to California sometime before my birth and if I plugged myself into the “daughter” spot of the husband of that family, then all my cousin matches seemed to line up correctly.  Here is where I started freaking out because I found out that there were 3 boys born to this man, Robert, and one girl.  Then I go to my favorite place, Facebook, and find the 3 boys – it really is quite simple when  you know what you are looking for.  But since I had such a terrible experience with Lee there was no way I was going to contact anyone in that family and go through the rejection again…no way, no how.  Now what do I do?

And here comes Sonya’s part in all this.  Sonya, my darling cousin in Alabama, a lady who doesn’t know me at all, but has been so sweet and listened to my story and wants to help.  She offers to contact the brothers on Facebook and just sort of feel them out.  She plans to tell them that she is researching the surname that originated in Alabama and that she found that they are descended from them and see if they are interested at all.  She figures if she builds a relationship with them, then maybe later on she can sort of lead up to my story and suspicion that their father may be my father. I thank her so much and then off my family and I go to a camping trip.

What happens next, changed my whole world!

Charlie Erickson, Louise and Judy Halldin
Grandpa Charlie, my mom Louise and me, about 1961




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