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What…you don’t believe the DNA results???

Dexter and Louise Halldin 1941
My dad, Dexter, and my mom, Louise about 1945

So, my thought to be honest and above-board with my possible 1/2 brother Lee just sort of crashed and burned.  It was Thanksgiving weekend and I was feeling pretty feisty and thinking that since I was giving thanks for finding my possible biological father that Lee might feel the love and all that jazz. But I was pretty much let down in that regard. I decided to be honest and tell him that I thought his father might be my father and would he consent to a DNA test to confirm. I explained all my reasoning, my searching through his family and building a tree on I explained that I was finding that his father was the only one I could see that had moved to California before I was born. He was living in the same general area as my parents and so it wasn’t impossible he and my mother got together. The kind of bad thing is I was conceived in the month that Lee’s father married his mother. So that was kind of sad, but hey, it was 1952, 63 years ago…a very long time ago! At least he wasn’t married yet. So I had to listen (well, read) how wonderful his dad was and how he didn’t see how I could definitively state that I was descended from their great grandfather’s line. Which basically meant he didn’t understand the whole Autosomal DNA testing and it’s outcomes. So we ended on him saying “I will think about it and discuss it with my family.” So, I thought that is a good sign, Thanksgiving was that weekend and maybe the family would be overjoyed at a possible new relative. I had also messaged on Facebook anyone with his last name that was a friend of his (brothers and sister included) with just a general message about looking for family….I thought maybe one of them would answer me.  I mean, if you message like 5 people, wouldn’t you think someone would reply??  My problem is that I see things through my eyes only.  If I was contacted by someone who was related to me by DNA and who wanted to find the connection I would be so all over that!!!  I forget that not everyone feels the way I do.  I cannot for the life of me understand why not, but it is a fact.


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