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Cousin Bill

My cousin Bill was actually named Willis Henry Jones but he went by Bill ever since he was born I think.  He was born in 1921, the first grandchild for my grandparents May and Henry and I believe he is the reason they moved to California from Massachusetts.  Somehow my aunt Gertrude (Bill’s mother) ended up in California and married Calvin

Bill Jones 1944
Bill Jones 1944

Willis Jones and then came Bill (and later his brother Albert Richard Jones).  Anyway, I am writing about Bill today because he is one of the main reasons that I got started in my genealogy search.  I always knew Bill existed, but since I was born in 1953 and he died during WWII in 1944 we obviously never met.   Continue reading “Cousin Bill”

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Why am I searching for my family when most people want to lose them???

This is my Dad and Mom, Dexter and Louise Halldin in 1941, 12 years before I was born.

Why searching for my family?  Because I am, have been, always will be.  It’s not that I don’t have a family – I do – a mixed bag of nuts for sure and I love them!  I am searching for ancestral family, those who came before us and all that.  I also am looking for family that I never knew existed – I have found cousins – have met some – and learned more about our family as a result.  Continue reading “Why am I searching for my family when most people want to lose them???”